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Anything is possible. As Billy Beane has shown, an innovative approach can change the rules of the game and promote you to one of the top players in your segment.

A demanding market, increasing competition and customer awareness force companies to develop continuously. In order to meet the expectations of their customers and maintain their market position, companies see their chance in innovations. In many cases well-chosen and deliberately introduced innovation can change the rules of the game and strengthen the company’s position as market leader. Moreover, we guarantee that the proposed solution will also be a sustainable one.

  • Software Innovations
  • Innovative Tools
  • Innovation Research
  • New products and solutions
  • Streamline
  • Sustainable innovations
GreenMoon Tank
Innovative products and services

Having been in the market for over 10 years, our team has built up a large network of contacts with potential suppliers of solutions, products and systems. We monitor the startup market, constantly looking for new and proven solutions that are both innovative and sustainable. We verify the feasibility of the solution and analyze potential risks and benefits.
We work according to the developed and proven GreenMoonTank method. Our process is divided into phases and allows you to easily identify opportunities and to control and change the implementation steps smoothly.

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Desigh Thinking
Discover your potential

In addition to monitoring and proposing the implementation of innovations, we support companies in the design thinking process based on SITH methodologies. By conducting a workshop, we will check what potential ideas lie in your current employees. Then we will categorize the ideas and together with a dedicated team from your company we will assess their innovativeness and possibility of implementation.
We will verify the areas and introduce you to the world of innovation created within your own structures and capabilities.

Why it Matters
Establish new market opportunities
Increase revenue and productivity
Reduce cost and save time

By working with us, you can save time and money, how? Here are some examples of how we have reduced the cost of innovation for our clients:

  • You don’t need to build your own team or department dedicated to innovation development and implementation – outsource it to us – time savings means no recruitment, department organization, training – financial gain means no investment in recruitment, training process, no cost of hiring and paying new employees. Additional benefit: you can work with us whenever you need without maintaining the department.
  • We have ready-made solutions, products, and systems. Learning about your needs, we can offer a customized solution, present a product or system that we will help you implement (potentially starting from the pilot phase) – time savings means no need to invest your time or someone else’s time for research, contacts, preliminary talks, etc. Additional benefit: access to other solutions that can improve your business and increase profitability faster.
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