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Our mission is to enable businesses to reduce their impact on the environment, operate in harmony with the planet, community, and consumers, while at the same time being profitable. We connect business with innovations and sustainable goals, looking for the best solution and strategy.

Our goal is to achieve better tomorrow today. We will achieve that goal by promoting and implementing Net Zero strategies, Re-economy solutions, and innovations. Sustainable business is no longer an option, it's an expectation.

Our Services

Sustainable Strategy

As part of our Sustainability Strategy service, we will take steps to steer your business towards sustainability. We will analyze the current state and identify climate risks. Moreover, we will set directions for changes based on selected Sustainable Development goals developed by the UN. We will prepare an ESG report (where applicable based on TCFD and SDG guidelines). We will verify the suppliers and the level of implementation of zero waste and zero net activities. Based on this data, we will issue a sustainability rating with specific directions for change and an expiration date.

Innovation Tank

Innovation Tank service is designed to support companies in the process of development, implementation and exploration of innovations. Having your own innovation department is a luxury that not all small and medium-sized companies can afford. As part of the service, we monitor the market for possible innovations, both in products and services. In addition, we will assist you in the design thinking process in search of development opportunities within your own organization.
GreenMoon Approach

What We’re Doing

We are supporting businesses in their transition to becoming more sustainable. Providing consultancy services to small and middle-size companies, which might find sustainability difficult to implement in their daily business life. We are delivering a holistic view on key 4 points: planet, people, profit & innovation.

We can provide

In Nutshell:

  • Sustainable audit (full or quick check)
  • Website CO2 check
  • Sustainable strategy with KPI's
  • Communication
  • Sustainability management
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Supply chain management
  • Implementation of innovation
  • Innovation management
  • Sustainable actions and events
  • Net zero strategy
  • Reuse and renew ideas

How to Start

Start Today

If you don’t know how and where to start, we are ready to support you in your journey. No matter what size of your business, you can benefit from sustainability.

Start Today

In addition to analyzing the current situation and opportunities, we will introduce you to the world of innovation and sustainability

Start Today

Start acting today and prevent the future, adapt to a new strategy and benefit from being sustainable

karolsson z AG

Stop Greenwashing, Go Sustainable

Are you concerned about greenwashing? We have a solution for you, a sustainable agency that will help you enter the world of a better tomorrow with all marketing actions like beehives building, zero waste events organising, sustainable gifts and games, videos, and 3D graphics concepts producing. Try it and have a lot of real valuable fun.

GreenMoon Facts

Learn more about the world you live in, its weaknesses, and threats that people create for it daily
GreenMoon Facts

27,000 trees are felled each day for toilet paper.

GreenMoon Facts

Chewing gum will take 5 years to decompose.

GreenMoon Facts

Singe use plastic kills 1 000 000 sea creatures every year

GreenMoon Facts

Polluted water and sanitation cause kill 3.4 mln people each year

GreenMoon Facts

1 recycled aluminium can save enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours

GreenMoon Facts

1 mln plastic bags are handed out worldwide each minute

GreenMoon News

Sustainable Business

Every business might be more sustainable, start your transformation today.

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